Becoming a commercial drone pilot

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Hi guys,

I got into drones last year and got REALLY into it this summer with a Wizard X220s :)

Anyways, as my office job isn't really fulfilling, I'm contemplating becoming a commercial drone pilot because as a wise man once said, if you do something you love for work, you'll never work another day in your life.

But obvisouly as any redirection of a career there is a part of unknown and doubt.

Personnaly, I wish to focus more on the video aspect of drone piloting: filming weddings, sport/corporate events, real estate and possibly end up working for productions companies for commercials, TV and cinema...

But my fears are that I won't be able to make a living out of this, that I won't be able to find clients, or that drones become too mainstream and any guy will be able to rent a Phantom and take videos thus eliminating the need for professionals..

For those of you who are professionnal UAV pilots, can you share your story and give pointers ? What was it like at first ? Are you satisfied with your income ? How do you find clients and so on...

My plan for now is to save up for the French UAV commercial pilot license (Bonjour !) and buy a Phantom 4 Pro. All of the while keeping my current job for financial stability. Once I've got the license and the drone, I wish to start doing drone missions on the weekends in parallel to my job to gain some extra cash but mostly to get experience. Once I feel that I know the trade well enough, go full on into the the business.

Anyways, I look forward to read about your story .

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Hi @raygeboxi47 - I'm just getting started on the commercial side too.  I've been flying recreationally for about five years, but, like you, am tired of the day job and want to slowly explore the drone industry.  I'm located in Virginia, USA and just passed my FAA knowledge test and have applied for my remote pilot certificate.  Is the licensing process in France difficult - expensive?  

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