How to activate an electricstatic nozzle

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Hello all,

My name is Gabriel and Im working on a project which includes 5 units of electrostatic nozzle used on UAV's for agriclture. This system made of a  brushless motor Electric Centrifugal.

This my first time adressing the drone world and I have some problem understanding a fundementle issue about that. 

I order a unit from Aliexpress, and Im tring to activate it. The suppler says I need to use a 40A ESC. Meanwhile, the "datasheet" of the says the maximum current the nozzle takes is 0.7A. Here is where Im getting confiused, if the ESC is 20A, it darws 40A from the battery and therefore to motor in the nozzle takes 40A currect?. If so, how do I know the power supply I need to give the system? Do I calculate it using 40A or 0.7A?.

Hope this is the currect place the ask,

Thank you,


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