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Hello. I am a new "Pilot" that started my journey amid the Covid Fatigue. I had a couple of those cheap RC Helicopters from SYMA, and went with the company's best-selling "quad". I noticed right away that it controlled a lot differently and realized that other Quads that I purchased later (The company's X8 series) operated in a similar fashion. Soon, I got my first "real" drone, the Mavic Mini 1. From there, I got the Air 2, the 2 Zoom, and a few weeks ago, the Mini 2. Even as I write this, I am already eyeballing the Inspire 2. Why? I don't know. But I figure... why stop there? I want ALL of the Licensing that I can legally have and I want to get better. I am somewhat of an "ALL IN"-type of guy! At any rate, I have logged in a few hours and got some pretty good footage... for what it's worth... around the SoCal area. I really would like to branch out to other places but not before I understand ALL of the local, state, and federal rules that continue to plague us, as I am having a difficult time locating areas to fly. 

       Well... that's my resume!

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