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Hi Keith - Sometimes it can be tough finding good places to practice flying, especially if you live in a big city or near a major airport.  I'd suggest learning a little bit about airspace and downloading an app that you can use to understand restrictions (like the kittyhawk or B4UFLY apps).  The Pilot Institute has a free course for new drone pilots called the Ultimate Drone Pilot Guide.  They also have a free course dedicated to the DJI Mini 2 that's pretty comprehensive.

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Thanks for the information. I’m somewhat familiar with Airspaces, due to my time with several flightsimming software. I also have installed Airmap, B4Ufly, Kittyhawk and Avision onto my iPhone and iPad, also using sky vector. Even though the DJI Mini 2 is under the required weight I went ahead and registered with the FAA @faadropzone. I’ve been doing a lot of research regarding federal, state, counties and city laws as well. Not as cut and dry as I thought it would be. I have to say, I found it very humbling the amount of red tape just to fly this thing. Seems like you would logically need to do all this just to fly a kite, but no. I will be looking into taking the part 107, but right now I’d like to get some experience flying the thing and get some practice in. I think looking for a spot just to go straight up and down once is the most frustrating.

Happy Holidays and stay safe,


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