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Welcome to the hobby @mangurian

The Mini 2 is a great drone to get started flying.  It has a ton of built in features and is very stable.  FYI There is a free online course dedicated to the mini from Pilot Institute - you can read about it here if you're interested.  Good luck!  Hope you share some of your first photos/videos.

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Hello! An excellent choice for a beginner and not only) I also tried this device and what can I say, it worked without complaints, performed all its functions according to the declared manufacturers. Now I am testing other drones, it is interesting to learn and study.

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It’s really nice to see all of the new people joining the forum. Welcome. 

@Susan_Brakels, your company appears to be such a talented group.  Great lighting, cinematography and content. Such a beautiful place to work.  My wife just recently sold her Jag so I enjoyed your spot that included the F-Type.  Really nice work.  






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