Which flight controller board should I use?

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Hi! I have a question as is describe in the title. I see that there are many types and qualities but for a race drone with an F3 processor is more than enough .. have told me that the F4 is more GPS and photography. I have an CC3D and works very very well for me right now. What do you use? What think about it? Thanks to all!

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I am not racing but have been using the APM 2.6 flight controller for my home built quad and have just started to look into replacing it for a Pixracer flight controller. Painless360 has put together a great series of videos on it.



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I run a KISS flight controller with KISS ESCs and absolutely love it. Fresh off the build it ran like a dream with stock PIDs.

My FPV flying Gear:
Impulse RC Alien RR5
Lumenier 2206 2350KV Motors
Flyduino KISS 24A ESC
Flyduino KISS Flight Controller
FrSky Taranis
Xsoul 5040x3 Props
Tattu LiPo Battery Pack 1300mAh 75C 4S
GoPro Hero 3+
Lumenier TX5G6 Mini 600mw Transmitter
RunCam Swift PFV Camera
FatShark Dominator v3

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Oh, that´s great! I just got an kiss fc with kiss esc and i will start to assembly my new drone. The cons to live in my country is the product importation. It is virtually inexistent. So.. we have to do the best with so much less than North America. But we keep the way! Thank you very mucho for yours answer and data! 


PS.:Sorry for my like caveman english.. 

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