Anti-Collision led strobe


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After request from a friend, i designed a drone anti-collision led strobe... it might look similar to others out there but i am confident it is better in several ways..

It is charging from microUSB .. onboard microcontroller is monitoring charging and battery status and disables the LED while charging.

There are 4 CREE LED each run from its own LED driver controlled independently from the microcontroller.

On a full battery led can deliver more than 1600+ lumen yet only about 1000 on a near empty battery.

Microcontroller can alter the flashing pattern when battery is near empty reducing power consumption and giving a visible indication that battery is running low.

PCB is 25x25mm and i found 300mAh battery with aprox same dimensions  adequate for over 1hr of operation at full power. Yet battery is too expensive & there are complications with shipping in many destinations. 

Same board can use same kind of LED in color (red/blue/green) but with lower power for other purposes.

I plan testing the ground with a GroupGets campaign for these....


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