From Hot Button Issue to Warm Reception: What the FAA Changed in the Remote ID Rule and How the Drone Industry Has Reacted

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When the FAA first opened a draft of its Remote ID rule to public comment in late 2019 it drew a barrage of criticism from throughout the drone industry.

Many worried that the rule would change the drone industry for the worse by forcing new costs and new, untested technology onto commercial and hobbyist drone pilots alike (there were other concerns as well, but these were two of the big ones).

Fast forward one year, and the FAA has now released a final version of the Remote ID rule.

So how are people responding to the new rule? And what’s different between the draft version and the one that just came out?

Read today's post to find out.

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Expecting anything but absolute failure from FAA would be comical... FAA has proven themselves to be not only criminally negligent in every way, but actually just plain ignorant.

Unless the entire agency was fired and started over from nothing it will remain the joke, the failure and the waste of money it is now.

Boeing showed us the absolute depravity of the rogue agency.... fire them all.

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... we have no freedom ... always alleged public safety ... never about maximizing liberty ... always trending in the wrong direction ... we keep giving up our rights without a fight ... for every new rule a bureaucrat conjures, they should be forced to take two others off the books. 

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What are the reasons the FAA wants drone pilots to be IDd so badly. 3rd party products will come out to disable these things. Home kits will become very popular, as they won't need to meet the requirements. NLD or No limit Drones has already created a hardware mainboard replacement for the DJI Mavic 2 main board that eliminates all the restrictions DJI has put on their drones. What about all the drones built before 2023. How will they apply this drone ID? This drone/ pilot id system is ludicrous. It won't make the public any safer. And those that wish to find ways of using their drones in an illegal fashion will find a way to do so and disable the ID system.

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"And those that wish to find ways of using their drones in an illegal fashion will find a way to do so and disable the ID system."


Laws don't make people obey, consequences do.   Which means laws are utterly useless if someone doesn't care about the consequence of their actions.

So the FAA failures will institute a "law" that punishes everyone for the actions of no one.... sounds just like communism to me.

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