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I was looking to try using a drone to lift a fish line over a tree that is about 100 ft tall in order to put up a HAM Radio antenna. The fish line doesn't have to be strong, maybe 10 pound line. I used to use a Bow & Arrow, but we almost hit a neighborhood dog, so am looking for an alternative. Don't want to spend big bucks. I thought that the drone might allow more precision placement of the line. (BTW, the fish line is used to drag up a heavier line.) 

Any ideas?




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Having been a crossbow champion many years ago, David, I used that system with a crossbow and a slightly heavier bolt than usual: it worked well, leaving the bolt attached to the wire as a counterweight to it.. My friends, who owned that property (positioned between two high hills), were then very happy and able to receive all the commercial radio stations, which they could not before then. I understand your safety predicament as well.

As far as using a cheap drone. much do you want to spend and are you capable to fly a drone? You will need a fairly powerful toy, capable of lifting the full weight of the line (at least half a pound or more). One option is to build your own drone buying the components from Ebay or similar (probably around $300). Then you will have to program the transmitter, the flight controller etc.etc. and test 'till you will have a fairly stable lifting situation: see, the pull of a line attached to the CG of a drone will be immediately counteracted by the gyroscopes and accellerometers of the drone, which will start to dance in every direction and will be uneasy to control. Then there will be the way in which the line will be disconnected from the drone and hooked to the top of the tree. Servo-control? about climbing the tree?(lol but not lol).

Alternatively, you could enquire with a professional drone pilot and see how much he would charge you to put up the wire. With a top end bigger drone it will be easy: they have every sort of stabilization plus GPS, auti-level etc.

Cheers from Bruno


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I started in archery at the age of 25 and progressed in recurve and in crossbow competitions. I taught my daughter, who at the age of 12 won the Australian title in the under 18 category.

 I won the silver medal at the Australian championship in 1975, even if by ill fate one of the limbs of my crossbow broke the night before the competition. I could only find a pair of limbs which were remarkably lighter and I was not allowed to adjust accordingly my sight on the day of the competition. I still reached a 1396 total score on the 4 distances (theoretical maximum 1440).

I also manufactured sveral tens of crossbows for customers. See my page and, as an author, and following links.


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