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I am not a brand new drone pilot, I have owned a Phantom 3 for a number of years, however I recently upgraded to a Mavic Mini 2 and thus far I have been very impressed with it. I just recently passed my Part 107 Exam and am currently waiting on my application to be processed to make it official! I am hoping to use my Mini 2 for some basic filmography and advertising, as it has the capabilities to do that and more, however I am seemingly stuck until I get my certification. I am excited to be involved within the community!

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Welcome to the forum.  

Congratulations on passing your Part107 exam.  It’s odd that it’s not a terribly difficult test to pass but you feel such a sense of accomplishment once you have.  

For film making a UAV is just another tool to add camera movement and get a different perspective.  There are quite a few members here who produce various kinds of media for property videos, documentary, commercials, training etc.. This is a supportive community and it’s not all just about the drone. Feel free to jump into conversations and add new ones. 

One thing I ask is to not double post. I’m old and I forget if I’ve already answered your questions in another thread (like this one...). 



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Yes the test is not overly difficult, though I have no prior knowledge of being a pilot so it took some time to get accustomed to the terminology and such. I am certainly new to all of this and I hope to soon be operating in a high air traffic area so I am open to any advice or recommendations...

I believe I accidentally posted the same introduction twice, and I also believe you had suggested adding a few of my shots. While I do not have an abundance on my Mini 2 yet (it has been rather cold), I can share a few of my Phantom 3 shots. Unfortunately some of my favorite ones I was unable to send, but these should hopefully suffice. Thank you for your welcome!

Delaware River.JPG


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