My first 3 months of FPV flying. Cinematic FPV 4K in South Tyrol

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Wow, this is one of the best drone videos I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing it with us! The transitions and synchronization of the music was epic. I also enjoyed the sharp contrast between the warm golden hour glow on the trees with the coolness of the snow and mountains. 

If you don't mind sharing, what drone/camera setup was used to make this video? 

  - Chase 

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On 1/25/2021 at 2:25 AM, ALFPV said:

Would be great to get some feedback from other FPV pilots.

Great video!  The editing, music, location are perfect and the flying is outstanding!

 The only suggestion is it appears your blacks are crushed. They are consistently crushed which would suggest it might be a calibration or QuickTime display issue. Of coarse viewing it on a cell phone isn’t a good way to evaluate color. But if your grading on a Mac, using Resolve and Rec709, there’s a Rec709-a QT flag in delivery that will set the gamma correctly. 

Nice job  


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@Alan PerlmanThanks a lot!

@Lana AxelrodThank you. Never heard about the drone film festival, but I will definitely give it a ago. Thanks for the advice.

@John HenneseyThanks man!
@James HonakerThank you very much.
@Av8ChuckThanks a lot for the feedback. I'm using Premiere Pro but will definitely give it a try to color grade with resolve and try your suggestion. Yeah, after releasing the video I also recognized that it does not look that great on the phone. But maybe nowadays it would be better to grade it for the phone, since quiet everyone is watching almost everything on the smartphone.

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The Gamma shift is not really a phone issue, a PPRo or Resolve issue as much as it is how Quicktime deals with REC709.  I'm sure PPRO can output  REC709-a.  This is a flag that sets the gamma correctly for anyone who views your content on a Quicktime device and doesn't effect it for anyone who isn't.  

Read these for more details:

"Grading for Mixed Delivery: Cinema, Home, and Every Screen in Between" by Cullen Kelly

"How to Deal with Levels: Full vs. Video" by Dan Swierenga

"A Deeper Look at Consistent Color with QuickTime Tags From Resolve To YouTube & Vimeo on Wide Gamut Apple Monitors" by Dan Swierenga

and I think they cover the issues and the solutions very well. Understanding color management is also helpful:

"Color Management for Video Editors"

My simple method: always export a second or two of SMPTE color bars at the very head of the project, and then check them on scopes in whatever player you're using to see how it looks. If there's a shift (video level or hue or chroma), you'll see it very quickly in bars.

This also effects H264 and H265.  

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