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I'm a new mavic mini pilot. I was interested in going to some local state parks and flying the drone for some pictures. For the most part I might keep it really close to me for some scenic pictures. I read that drones aren't allowed in national parks, but then saw some references to flying in the forest/open regions of a national park. Some questions: 

1) Are you ever allowed to fly in a national park? What if you fly within 20 feet of your location, or near the road? 

2) Are there any restrictions to fly in a state park? 

thanks all!

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I work at Carter Caves State Resort Park, located in Carter County KY. While our park boasts 30 plus miles of trails, with 5 natural bridges and some of the best scenery around, we are really known for, yep you guessed our caves. We have tours all year around, and even crawling tour. 

Yes, you can fly for fun or commercial on KY State Parks. I sent  the link to the PDF paper work, that needs to be filled out. I am the only person on the park that owns a drown. The park has had a drone in come in once or twice.  I hope they will let me use the park for practice, while shooting pics and video for park related activities. When I return to work on Friday, I plan turning in my paper work. But like most things when a State entity gets involved in they  will a have a hurry up and wait. My big dread is that they will have restrictions above what the FAA sets forth. We had a great activity with a short zipline and the state put in so much red tape that we don't do it anymore. It about a 200' or so zip, with professionals setting it up, and all safety standards in place, I even watched a dog get zipped. We also offered a short 60' rappel we call it Zip and Drop, it was super popular, but then the state got involved and now we don't do it. 

I am a new Mavic Mini Operator as well, 

Hope this helps, I don't know what state you are in. I would just do a search in your State's; State Park System. 

As for federal, We have a federal park close but I do not know the criteria for the Feds. 

If you ever make it to Carter Caves Look me up; you can call our Rec Department at 606-286-7009.

Have fun be safe,

Wesley Contract for Parks 2020.10.21 UPDATED.pdf Permit 2020.10.21 UPDATED.pdf



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