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Hello and welcome from West Michigan. I have a company name, Airborne UAV Solutions, applied for the 333, received docket number, working on website, have logo pretty much down. Looking for guidelines on what to charge. My interests are agriculture, DNR, videography, inspections, training. I'd like to see if we can start a thread with assistance in the pricing arena, guidlines, websites, etc.

Happy flying to all!!





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Hi Jim,

Congrats on your progress so far. Will be covering pricing / packaging in an upcoming course, but let's see what we can unravel in this thread.

Rates for this kind of work vary widely. At the end of the day, it's a combination of 1) what your client is willing to pay you and 2) what experience / professionalism / end-product you bring to the table. Other factors that influence pricing are your track record, whether or not you have liability insurance, your 333 exemption, etc.

When I started a service-based business, I experimented with pricing for more than 18 months before really understand my specific niche in the market, and where I felt comfortable offering value and asking for payment in return.

That said, let's start with some basic questions:

  • How skilled of a pilot are you?
  • What professional experience do you have? Have you worked with clients before / run a service-based business?
  • Instead of spewing a number of different markets, can you pick one to start out in? What market do you feel most comfortable gaining clients in (either because of your network, experience, passion, etc.)? Can you walk through what that ideal customer persona looks like?
  • What does your end product look like?

Answers to these questions will help us (this community) better understand where you're coming from. Look forward to others' input as well.

Hope this helps to get things started.

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Thanks for the input. I am working on all of what you asked as questions. I hope to have the answers by approx April 1 when my 333 should arrive. By that time, I will have many more flight hours in UAV's and be ready. So, yes, I hope others will give their input not just for me but to help us all in the community.

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