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Hello all I have a question about what information after you get your part 107 license but what information do I give the client that purchased the real estate photos or purchased the video from my drone what information do I need to give them so if the FAA contact them they have all the information to say yes this is legally done?

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A copy of your contract which should include your EIN/TIN, the physical address to your business and your Part107 with a description or the work you did.  

The description of the deliverables is important because that what protects you from the FAA.  Depending on what your deliverable is, just the aerial or aerial edited together to create a property video.  I’ve seen realtors take the aerial that we shot for them and edit it into a video that included another companies aerial.  Did that other company have a Part107?  That’s when I decided that the description of what I provided was important to protect me.  In the description I include the number of shots and the time code of each shot. 

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