Zipline Makes Deal in Nigeria, Announces New Cold-Chain Distribution Capability for Delivering COVID-19 Vaccines

Zacc Dukowitz

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Zipline recently announced a new deal in Nigeria to deliver COVID-19 vaccines by drone using its proven medical drone delivery technology and infrastructure.


Shortly after that announcement, the company issued a separate statement outlining the work it’s doing to create what it calls “cold-chain distribution capability,” which will support the delivery of COVID-19 vaccines.

Once completed, the cold-chain capability will allow Zipline to deliver all of the leading COVID-19 vaccines within any of the countries in which it operates.

And this means that, even though Nigeria may be first, it’s likely that several other countries where Zipline already operates may soon join the list of places signed up to get vaccine delivery by drone.

Read today's post to learn more about Zipline's cold-chain distribution capability, as well as its new deal in Nigeria.

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