What is the best FPV camera for latency and video quality?


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Hi guys, I have quite a unique situation, I have a humongous drone drone and I do not care about weight or size, I only care about latency and video quality, what FPV camera is best for me?
also, it would be great if you could give me two answers: one answer under $100 (approximately) and a second answer under $70 (approximately) and if one of your answers does not have a Camera from RunCam, please add a third answer from RunCam.

I look forward to hearing your answers!
Thank you all so much!

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I guess it depends on what you want to use it for.  If you need 1080P with low latency it’s going to cost you much more than you mentioned.  


Digital 4K can cost you north of $5K and 720P around $1K.   For the amount of money your talking about your in the 900-1.2KHz analog SD with a range of about 1000 feet.  There are a lot of new WiFi based video transmitter but if your using it for industrial inspection there are restrictions on where you can use those.  

We use Terradek and MicroHard they cost $2000 - $14,000 size might not matter but if you want good, secure, low latency  image quality over a long distance it’s going to cost you. 

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