First time drone owner & studying for Part 107.

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Hey all!  I've considered adding a drone to my photography business I've had for almost 5 years. I recently picked up another commercial client and there's a need for drone photos and video in addition to standard still photos of their projects/businesses. So.....I finally dived in and got a drone.  Just unboxed the Mavic 2 Pro yesterday.  It appears to be of excellent quality and can't wait to try it out.  I'll take my Part 107 test in 6 days.  I'll take my time getting ready for my first flight - don't need a "crash" course.  I welcome any words of advice for a first time drone pilot.  I'm looking forward to learning a lot on this forum.  May have to wait a week or so due the VERY cold weather we have coming to south Texas - lowest temperatures we've had in many decades. Be safe, stay well all. -- John Hudgeons Photography

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Feeling good to know about your business,  it's like my business 😉. I am also working with aerial photography, cinematography through drone.  I am also a drone pilot and everyday i am learning how to fly my drone more professionally .

My one advice is : First of all try to follow your country's rules for drone flying and practice more and more hope you will be the best drone operator in you country.

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Hi Susan, Thanks for the advice.  I plan to follow the rules/laws as it's really the only option if you want to keep your license and fly longterm using it for your business.  May I ask you a couple of questions? -- What drone do you use? Did you purchase drone insurance for the drone itself? And last, did you purchase any liability insurance?  Our family visited your country back in 2015 and would love to go back.  I was also there back in the early 70's with a Boy Scout troop when my father was stationed in Bitburg, Germany with the US Air Force. On that scouting trip there were thousands of Boy Scouts from many countries gathered together and a photographer happened to take a portrait photo of me - to my surprise it ended up as a half page cover photo in the Amsterdam newspaper that week. I was only about 12 years old then.

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Here is my answers :

The drone we have: DJI inspire 2 with Zenmuse X7

I have a seperate drone insurance its pretty expensive

I don’t have a seperate liability insurance. We do have it for the filming from the floor but I don’t think this will work with the drone.


You can check our website if you want to see the work done by our drones.

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Thanks Susan.  I would have loved to get the Inspire but figured it was best to start with the Mavic 2 Pro and learn how to master it first before investing 4 times as much money in the Inspire.  Even later on after purchasing an Inspire the Mavic 2 Pro would give me some other options.

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