Fox Sports Uses FPV and Big Rig Drones to Make NASCAR Come Alive

Zacc Dukowitz

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The NASCAR season launched last week, kicking off with the iconic Daytona 500 race.

But one of the biggest stories out of the new season isn’t about the drivers or the cars—it’s about how the races are being covered.

Employing both FPV (First Person View) and heavy-lift drones, Fox Sports has teamed up with Beverly Hills Aerials to significantly amp up its coverage of the races.


Read today's post to learn more about all the ways Fox Sports is using drone technology and other innovative methods to make racing come alive—and to see some high octane footage captured from the races.

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OK, seriously I don't really have that many pet-peeves, but this is another one.  

In the article it mentions the equipment, various cameras and a setup Fox calls "Megalodon" which is nothing more than a Sony A7SIII on a Ronan.  The one thing missing from the article is a description of the very thing the article is about (at least I didn't see it), FPV and Big Drones used....

Both of these drones are made in the US, I know very little about the FPV drones but the "Big Drone" is the Watts Innovation MD5000. 

Why no mention of the innovation taking place here in the US?  DJI gets more of a mention because some genius went to B&H, bought a Ronan , there are a ton of better handheld gimbals that don't suck the juice, are less finicky, much lighter and less expensive available for the "Magalodon."  But that's their choice, the least Fox and Beverly Hill Aerials can do is if they're going to give credit to vendors then give the credit where it's due.  Especially in an article entitled "Fox Sports Uses FPV and Big Drones to make NASCAR come alive."  

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