Using an 2D/3D Vision or FPV goggles with an external camera

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Hello! My question will not have much related to drones, but it is related to the glasses that most of you use while flying drones, therefore I would like to ask for your help! I am involved with a project which required to connect a 2D/3D vision goggles or fpv goggles to an external camera and see the camera view through the glasses. The connection between the goggles and the camera can be wired or wireless, I assumed that the wired connection would give me better video quality and since I dont need long distance I am considering wired connection for now.


I have looked up few goggles and glasses:


So I need to have AV or HDMI input on my glasses so I can plug the external camera. Can someone help me understand which interface should I consider more? I assume the HDMI would provide me with higher quality video, but most FPV cameras come with an AV interface such as:


I prefer very high quality video preview and spend a little extra. 


Please advice me. Thanks in advance.

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