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@oidon where do you go to school?  

I think manufacturing an industrial drone in the USA is a great idea.  You'll hear this a lot in business, "BUT" you really need to understand who is your target audience, who is your competition and how are you positioned relatively to both.  This is critical to your success because it helps define the problem your product will solve.  That's how you determine the value of your product.

I get that's kind of the point of your questionnaire, "But" you ask a lot of questions whether your product is interesting to the people answering the questions but you never say what your product is.  How does it differ from DJI?  What problem does it solve? You're aware that DJI has about 75-80% marketshare, how are you going to compete against that?   Don't get me wrong, you can - sort of.  If the only differentiation between your products and DJI is that your Made in America you'll fail.  3DR was an American drone manufacturer that lost over $120M trying the same thing.  

You can create a great business if you position your products where DJI isn't or they're struggling.  In order to accomplish that you need to really understand what problem your products solve.  Like I said, I think its great what your hoping to accomplish, however, the challenge is less about the drone and more about marketing and business development.  Before I started Aerial Alchemy I sold around 200 drones out of my garage a small Y6 for $1500 to an X8 for $12,500.  You can do that.  

Here's an Aerial Alchemy video that highlights our services.  Its a bit of a puff piece but it clearly defines who are our customers and what we help them with (what problems we solve).

Here's a link to a page from our website that further spells out how we work with our customers:  


You don't have to do all of this to get started its just an example of how we chose to address the relationship between your customer, the pain points they have and how your products reduce the pain.  

Curious how many people have responded to your survey and what you managed to learn from it.

Good luck

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Thank you for the reply, it really helps. To start off, I am a high school senior in Central VA. My goal isn't really to be a "Made in America" brand, although it could help. I'm actually in a business competition at the moment with a great idea for the drone industry. For obvious reasons, I won't say anything now, but I can keep you posted when I am ready to tell the public. I started my drone service business about 6 months ago and was frustrated with my options. Other than DJI and I was looking at paying a lot more, especially starting out.  I couldn't build a drone myself if I tried, but I can sell. I guess what my main goal is, is to provide what DJI falls short in. I really appreciate your insight. As for the survey, I've had 13 people answer so far. It's not much, but what I've learned so far is 1) People want to buy from the US, but there just aren't many or marketed enough products, 2) People want to be able to just directly purchase commercial drones (Thermal, multispectral, special payloads) 3) People want control of their drone. Several have complained about geofencing and wasting time when they have LAANC approval for certain restricted airspaces. If you would like to talk sometime or be updated, let me know.

Thank you

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