Mavic air 2 vs custom FPV with gopro

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Hello. I would love to get into flying drones and now planning to buy my first drone. I am mainly planning to use a drone to get some nice pictures and cinematic videos. 


Initially, I was only considering mavic air 2, but then I found out that they are not compatible with dji FPV goggles which is a deal breaker for me. I think that FPV goggles are the best thing ever when you are operating and drone. 

I am now considering waiting for mavic air 3 and hope they are compatible with FPV goggles or build my own custom FPV drone and use a gopro camera. 


Could someone help me and advice me regarding whether custom FPV drone with gopro camera can get even close to image/video quality to dji mavic air 2? Also, I am also slightly concerned about the battery life with FPV drones and the preview quality since they use analog cameras. When I watch videos on youtube of people flying FPV drones, the video preview that they see through their goggles is ridicously low quality I cant even understand hand they manage to maneuvre so well when seeing this garbage view. And considering that the average flight time is like 4-5 minutes, so I assume the pilots just bring a bag of 20 batteries on a field?

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