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I saw this question on a practice test, the "correct" answer was indicated as "A".

52. (Refer to Figure 49.) If the wind is as shown by the landing direction indicator, the pilot should land on?fig49.jpg

A. Runway 18 and expect a crosswind from the right.
B. Runway 22 directly into the wind.
C. Runway 36 and expect a crosswind from the right.

However wouldn't the cross winds come from the LEFT?

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The wind is blowing right down runway 4 towards runway 22.  The tetrahedron always point into the wind.  The best runway would have been 22, but since its closed runway 18 is the next best choice with a quartering headwind and right cross wind.  Runway 36 would give you a left quartering tail wind.

So A is correct.

Wind Indicators and Landing Direction - YouTube



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