Best Language to Use when Applying for FAA Waiver Near Coast Guard Air Station

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I am going to apply for a waiver to fly in air space of the Cape Cod Coat Guard Air Station. (KFMH)  Purpose is to take real estate photos and marketing videos.  I would like a long term waiver.  Can anyone suggest a drop dead paragraph I can  use in my application?  My hope is to not reinvent the wheel.  This air space does not have any LAANC approvals.  My application would include the following  -  would respect all quadrangle height limits, check for current NOTAMs & TFR etc. fly between sunrise  and sunset .  I'm just looking for the proper format to present them the information. Any help would be appreciated  

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Dave,  The air space is class D that I would  like to obtain a waiver to operate in.  There is some restricted space to the north which I do not expect the waiver to include and is not over a residential area.  I would like to fly at Quadrangle Altitude limits over residential areas for RE Photos and marketing videos. All flights outside of base boundaries.  I would think this is a waiver that can be obtained - Would really like assistance with the language to hopefully obtain it on one try. Also suggested duration - I would like 4-6 month waiver ??  Thanks for your assistance

KFMH Class D Air  Space.jpg

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The airspace does have a LAANC grid overlay, but it is not accessible through the automated system. You will need to go through faadronezone to apply (indicated by the red color).

If the area you want to fly is within a grid ceiling that you can live with I would suggest that you apply for a wide area waiver which will give you access to all of the grid . Typically military installations will want you to call in before each operation but that is no big deal.

Ask for a year time frame and state that you want the waiver in order to provide commercial uas services. You don't need to get fancy.

Let me know if you have more questions.



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