DJI Officially Launches New FPV Drone—and It Was Worth the Wait

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It’s official—after lots and lots of leaks, DJI finally launched its new FPV drone today.

And it looks like the wait was worth it.


Although we already know quite a bit about this drone it’s still nice to see it officially live and presented as the company had planned.

As suspected, the DJI FPV is a hybrid drone made for both cinematic FPV flying and for FPV racing.

With this new drone, DJI has created an entry point for FPV flying, allowing even those who have never flown FPV before to dive right in without needing to build a custom drone or learn specialized piloting skills.

Read today's post to learn all about the DJI FPV, including information about its brand new motion-controlled remote control.

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This is a very cool drone and I have no doubt that lovers of DJI will snap them up.  But I don't see people who are into either aerial photography or FPV racing running out to purchase one.  At 120Mb/sec , fixed f/2.8 aperture, 12MP camera is not very good for either stills or video and a big part of FPV racing is crashing, who in their right mind wants to crash a $1200-$1500 drone?  You can buy four or five FPV racers that will leave thing thing in the dust and for the price you could build an FPV X8 and fly a real camera.  

Like I said a cool drone, but more evolutionary than revolutionary and a bit out of market position.  The fact that I think this means there will be a DJI FPV racing league on ESPN by next week...



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2 hours ago, Susan_Brakels said:

How much it's cost?

Umm.. I'm hoping that your UAS skills are better than your internet search skills?  Maybe you are just trying to get you link posted?  There has been a lot of that lately.  If so, Google is not so naive these days. Get good at your job and people in your area will find you.

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