Skydio Partners with Taser-Maker Axon to Bring Autonomous Drones to Public Safety Agencies

Zacc Dukowitz

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Right on the heels of news that Skydio has been valued at $1 billion following a $170 million Series D funding round, the autonomous drone maker has some news that could seriously shake up how drones are used in law enforcement.

Axon, a company best known as the makers of the Taser, recently announced a partnership with Skydio to bring its autonomous drones further into U.S. public safety agencies.


Through the partnership, Axon Air—the unmanned arm of Axon—will now be the exclusive reseller of Skydio’s drones and Skydio’s digital management program to all public safety agencies in the world. Also, Skydio will now be able to offer Axon’s public safety-focused drone software on its drones.

Although the exclusive reseller agreement is significant, the partnership announcement is actually much bigger than that: the two companies have announced plans for a product roadmap that will integrate Skydio’s drones into Axon’s robust infrastructure for supporting law enforcement work.

Once completed, the integration will make Skydio’s drones an integral tool in the law enforcement toolbox.

Read today's post to learn more about the partnership between Axon and Skydio, and to get some real-life examples of how law enforcement is currently using the Skydio 2.

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