Actively Onboarding Pilots for Cell Tower Inspections

Dan Ausley

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We have ongoing Cell Tower Inspection projects and are actively onboarding independent contractor pilot candidates.  


The jobs locations vary and could be anywhere in the CONUS.  The ideal candidate is able to travel and be on a project for 3 – 4 weeks at a time.   

Some of the requirements include:


-          FAA Part 107 Certified

-          Insured

-          Attention to detail

-          Able to think outside of the box and problem solve on the go

-          Must have dependable transportation. Many of our sites are in rural locations, a vehicle with all wheel drive or 4 wheel drive is a plus.

-          Acceptable drones

o   Phantom 4 Pro

o   Inspire 2

-          Backup drone highly recommended

-          Must have mobile charging capabilities (inverter) with minimum of 8 batteries or 8 sets of batteries for drones that require 2. Charger must be able to charge multiple batteries simultaneously.(We can offer suggestions)

-          Able to follow a checklist

-          Laptop for reviewing and uploading projects from the field

-          High Capacity Storage device for holding project data until final acceptance.

-          Ability to upload data from the field is helpful.  (we can offer suggestions on best options)

-          Training will be provided and fee is required to attend. Work is available for pilots that meet the requirements and successfully complete training.



If you meet the minimum requirements and are interested, please fill out the inquiry at the link below.  We will reply and provide details on opportunities and training. 

Thank you for your consideration.

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