What can be the reasons if my drone doesn't land properly?

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23 hours ago, Susan_Brakels said:

Please let me know what can be the reasons?

Really!?  You know, some cynical people might take this opportunity to give you a pretty hard time but not me, I’m above all that...  


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Are you using the automated landing feature,  or are you manually landing your drone? If you're using a automated landing feature,  then you'll have to check the settings,  and verify there isn't a problem with your drone. If you're landing it manually,  then it's due to lack of skill, and you'll need to practice landing properly. 

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58 minutes ago, Av8Chuck said:

Is Susan a robot?

Most likely a human.  But if you read their posts it seems evident they are vague and most likely exist simply to spread the link to their site as far as possible.  Either that or they are a commercial op in the Nederlands that operate (at least) an i2 with Z7 camera and yet don't know how to look up how much a dji FPV drone costs and haven't learned to land a drone yet.  Among other things.  As you know, I am skeptical and cynical by nature so maybe I'm completely wrong.

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