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Hello all,
I'm currently working with VA Vocational Rehab to get some UAS training and certification, but I don't want to be limited to quadcopters and photography.  What would you recommend for a civilian to train in fixed wing drones with a focus towards law enforcement?  I am pushing for them to send me to UND Fargo but I would like to know if there are other options.  
Thanks in Advance!
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I don't even know what systems are available on the civilian side, and possibly its too early to ask this question, but according to the law enforcement officers I have spoken to, they would like something that could replace a helicopter.  Quads don't have enough battery life (yet) to fulfill this role.  I would think the ideal set up would be a system that could be launched from a parking lot and have IR cameras, and object tracking, with a flight time of an hour or more, and controlled from a laptop in the field. 


The kind of training I'm interested in would be one that would certify and train me in the use of the widest variety of systems in order to be more employable, either as operator or trainer for law enforcement agencies, and I just haven't seen a whole lot of fixed wing stuff in the field yet.  

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