SmallRig enters the drone market with its DJI FPV accessories


DJI FPV drone  

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SmallRig, best known for its camera cages, has entered the drone market with its accessories line for the DJI FPV drone. The company has two products on offer to improve the aerodynamics of the drone and allow for an extra camera to be mounted to the drone.

Camera cover

The first product on offer from SmallRig is a gimbal and camera cover used while the drone is flying. The cover has been molded to the shape of the drone to improve the aerodynamics of the drone. It reduces the gimbal’s wind resistance, theoretically allowing you to save battery life as the gimbal doesn’t have to work as hard anymore.

The gimbal cover mounts to the drone using two pre-applied strips of 3M tape on the bottom and its top. This should be more than enough to keep it on in flight, but we’d only really know once testing it. This can be pre-ordered at a discounted price from SmallRig’s website right now for $12.90.


SmallRig DJI Transparent gimbal head protector 
Key Features:
1. Precisely molded all-in-one high-quality optical material.
2. Light transmittance of over 90% with not affect camera imaging.
3. Reduced airstream interference on the gimbal head during flight, ensuring smooth and stable video footages.

SmallRig DJI Transparent gimbal head protector can reduce airstream interference on the gimbal head during flight, ensuring smooth and stable video footage. It is precisely molded all-in-one high-quality optical material with a light transmittance of over 90%. Aerodynamic curve modeling, optimizing the airflow on the airplane nose and reducing the drag coefficient. Reduced energy consumption and improved performance at high speeds.

Aerodynamics kit

The second product on offer is the aerodynamics kit, which also includes the above-mentioned camera cover. In the kit, you will also get two sets of winglets to attach to the drone’s rear, which is meant to improve the drone’s stability as it flies at high speed. Three sets of skins are also included in the pack to make your drone stand out while flying or racing.


该套件现在也可以从SmallRig网站上以49.90美元折扣价预订两种产品预计将于4月30日上市,并在不久后开始发货。您是否希望DJI或第三方制造DJI FPV无人机的任何配件? 


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