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    Howdy folks, new to the group here. However, I have been flying unmanned systems of different sizes and capabilities since 2007 in different places in the U.S. and even other countries. I am FAA Part 107 licensed and work for a small company. One of our focus is in the world of unmanned aerial and even ground systems. It is my sincere hope to continue to learn this evolving world of drone activity in our neighborhoods and work environments and maybe even pass on lessons I have learned. I fly an Autel Evo II as a hobby and absolutely love it's overall performance and taking family pictures/videos from a different point of view. 

  I look forward to catching up on past discussions in this group and to study the UAV Coach material available so that I can continue to fly safely and stay abreast of changing legislation. 

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Welcome to the forum.  I'd be interested in seeing some of the footage and images from the EVOII.  Which version do you have?  I'm leaning towards the 6K version.  

I have a an Autel XStar Premium.  Great little drone but you can't get new batteries for them anymore and used ones are about $300 and no way to tell how many cycles are let...  So basically it's a paperweight!  

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Thanks for the welcome! I've got the Evo II Pro 6K. The flights have all been easy and well worth the cost, given this is my first "hobby" drone. I have yet to take it out to it's advertised max range of 5mi or flight time of 40 minutes but I hope to try that out soon. 

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