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I just received my first drone: a Snaptain sp500. Love everything about it and have been putting in lots of time learning how to pilot it. It's coming to my attention real quickly that I'm going to be beating the crap out of this thing. Any advice or tips out there for extending the longevity of the craft? Other than putting it away to collect dust of course.

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Congrats on your first drone...they are a blast. Mainly fly safe and manage your batteries to get the most out of them. Each model is different and I don't know your particular model, but on my DJI drones I store the batteries at about 60% charge, never charge them when they are hot, and watch for swelling/cracking etc. Your owner manual should have some good guidelines, and YouTube is your friend :) Happy flying!

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Hi @ahinkelman

Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! @Joey Ambrose offers some great advice of taking care of your drone. It looks like your drone has GPS, which is a great start and it will make it easier to fly. The first drone I flew was a Syma X5C (no GPS) and it was a bit scary to fly as it likes to fly all over the place. 

Enjoy your drone!

 - Chase 

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