Trade Shows and the Evolution of the Drone Industry

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I'm so tired of social distancing, lockdowns and the almost total lack of personal interaction with friends and colleagues.  As I mentioned in an earlier thread this boredom has led to me cleaning up drive space and viewing some older videos.  These four videos are past trade shows, each have some significant relevance to where we are today.

This first video is from NAB 2015 where 3DR announced the SOLO.  Although NAB is a broadcast show this was "the Year of the Drone" so you'll see a lot of the early players and influencers in the drone industry.  

While NAB 2015 was where 3DR chose to announce the SOLO, one year later the 2016 NAB was one of the last shows that the SOLO and 3DR made an appearance.  Oddly this is also where Autel made a lot of big announcements.  DJI announced the M600 

The 2017 XPONENTIAL in Dallas Texas was a fun show (I'm so over shows in Vegas).  Keep in mind that I'm one guy with a camera and I do these videos to share with people who don't have the opportunity to make it to the show. I also show a lot of what happens outside the show to provide a sense of the overall experience.   Something different about this show is that some of the drones have bombs!  You can also see the evolution of our logo...

The 2017 Commercial UAV show was a small, mostly inconsequential trade show.  It took about 30 minutes to cruise through the floor so I had to figure out how to make this video interesting so I included more "behind the scened" setup etc..  I was also only there for a day so I stole some of the footage from NAB 2016.  The reel fun for me doing this video was editing the music and playing the guitar...


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