Using rc airplane radio transmitters to control drones

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Hi again,  I had posted this query back in December but have received no replies.  I would appreciate it if someone could answer my questions.   Thanks,   Les Hicks


"Hi there,  I just got into RC airplanes a couple years ago and have recently been considering buying a quadcopter to play around with.  I've noticed though that it seems that all drones come with their own remote controller (radio).  In the RC airplane field, you generally buy one radio and then set it up to control whichever RC airplanes that you have.  Any ideas why this isn't possible with quadcopters?   This seems like a big difference between the RC airplane and drone worlds, and it is a waste of money to have to buy a remote controller for every drone that you have.  I already have 2 RC radios so am not keen to spend money on another controller that only works with the one quadcopter.

The other question I have is regarding FPV goggles.  I have purchased Spektrum FPV goggles and they can be used with any RC planes, but when I've asked manufacturers like DJI whether these goggles can be used with their drones they have said no.  This again seems like a real drawback to getting into the drone hobby, or am I just not getting good information?


Les Hicks"

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This is totally possible on Multirotors just not DJI drones. DJI is tightly vertically integrated, this is intentional, kind of like inkjet printers.  The manufacturer locks you into their ecosystem and makes money on all the accessories.

Manufacturers started making less expensive purpose built radios because at the time Futaba’s cost more than the drone.  

If you want to use your RC transmitters then purchase any drone with a PX4/ArduPilot based flight controller. 

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