Drone Swarms for Firefighting—Researchers Propose a New Way Drones Can Be Used to Fight Fires

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Researchers in Italy recently proposed a new way that drones can help fight fires: using them to drop water or other “extinguishing liquids” onto the flames.

A few heavy-lift drone companies have experimented with using a single big drone to carry a firehose or a large bucket of water into the air for this purpose. But these applications haven’t really taken off, primarily because they’re just not that practical.

The key distinction between these tests and the new idea is in the size and quantity of drones used.

While a single, huge drone with a heavy payload may not make that much of a difference for a fire, a swarm of smaller drones might be able to make a big impact.


Read today's article to learn more about how drone swarms could be used to fight fires, and why they may end up being one of the most effective approaches to combatting the fires of the future.

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