Need a High School Drones Instructor

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We are located in the south suburbs of Chicago.  We would prefer a teaching credential however, if you have worked in the Drone industry there are provisional temporary credentials you can be granted for the next couple of years until you would be able to have a full credential. 

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4 hours ago, Av8Chuck said:

I’ve supported several STEM programs in high schools and college.  Sounds like a great opportunity unfortunately I’m located in the Republic of California...


Well maybe on this virtual atmosphere maybe I can figure how I could make something work...

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It might be pretty difficult depending on what your hoping to accomplish with this program.  I’m certainly open to exploring the opportunity.  I’ve been designing and manufacturing UAVs since 2010.  

I founded a UAV service company in 2014. Here’s our website:

we Have used drones for just about everything... 

if there’s anything there your interested in PM you contact info and we can Zoom.




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