Can UAV determine position of forestry machine without visual contact?

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Hello there,

I am new to drones and UAVs and this question might be in the wrong subforum - but I hope someone can give me some insights.

For my project I need to accurately track a forestry machine in action. Since GNSS reception under the canopy is very poor and not accurate enough for my studies, I would like to make use of an RTK/PPP drone in connection with the forestry machine.

Is it possible to couple the drone with the tree harvester based on a non-visual connection (similar to "follow-me" mode?) to calculate and track the position of the harvester (by position of drone as well as distance and angle to machine?). In this case the drone would follow the machine automatically, so that a pilot does not have to try to keep the machine in sight...

Does anyone have experience with this, knowledge of literature, experiments, software or perhaps a certain terminology to ease my research?

I would be grateful for any input and certainly interested in a discussion of possible solutions.

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