Richard Pearson - Bellevue WA Large Construction Project

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Hello Everyone, 

My name is Richard, I live in the Seattle land area and work in the construction industry. Currently I will be on a large high rise project and was approached by my boss to look into what it will take to legally fly a drone throughout the construction process. The project is located in downtown Bellevue, Washington. I know next to nothing about drones and would like to pursue this challenge. Does anyone on here know the current local laws for flying a drone on a construction project in downtown Bellevue WA? We will have permission from the general contractor and developer. Thanks for reading and I appreciate any input!



Richard P.

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Hi @Richard251

Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! In order to fly a drone for this application, you will need an FAA Part 107 certification. This certification is required when a drone is being used for non-recreational activities. 

To learn more about this process, I recommend reading through this guide:

For Washington drone laws:

Please let me know if you have any questions! 

 - Chase 

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Hi Richard and welcome to the forum.  There's was the FAA require for you to fly commercially and then there are the requirements of a successful drone program (even if its only one drone).

Chase has provided good information for getting the legal side started but you should also consider what your requirements might be to make a happy boss.  What problem are you trying to solve using a drone?  Its more of a program issue than a drone issue.  

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