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I'm using 6s quad titan xl5 hd and my two battery is cnhl 1500 mah when I'm using in quad when it's discharge 900 mah the battery voltage becomes low and I cannot use the full 1500 mah atleast 1200-1300 mah.whats the reason?please somebody help me.for 1500 mah battery 900 mah is least current can be drawn is that true

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People have different aversions to risk so there's no one right answer to your question.

Regardless of 4S, 6S or 12S we never reduce the energy to less than 20%.  Depending on how well you maintain your batteries, LiPos build up internal resistance with every charge cycle.  So we keep at least 20% as a margin of safety.

If we're flying something expensive and heavy we'll up the required amount of remaining energy as high as 40%

Sorry I just noticed that this is posted in the FPV racing thread.  The same rule of thumb applies about not taking the voltage to zero but people flying FPV often go to 10% remaining voltage.  Internal resistance still goes up with the number of charge cycles so if you go below 10% there's a higher risk of damaging the battery. 

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