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I trust you are doing well.


I am wondering if you can point me in the right direction. Specifically, I am searching for a way to provide access to DIY drones for 5th - 12th grade students. I work with students on STEM/STEAM projects at various schools. Can you provide information on where to purchase affordable drones for this type of endeavor?



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Hey @William,


I am a secondary level educator in the sciences and i also develop curricula, we have a great new course at our school and were able to get  a great deal from a 3DR liquidator that had some bundles for IRIS+ kits that may serve your purpose not sure how much you have raised to invest in this but i was able to get ten drones, extra batteries, chargers, remotes, and other things for $4000. here is the site : https://northox.myshopify.com/

if you reach out to them you can tell him that Scott from Keefe Tech gave you his information. It is first come first serve and they also offer a variety of bundles. And amazon is also a great choice and most schools should have a procurement account on amazon now so the ordering should be easy.


Blue Skies and Safe Flying,

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