Leaked Pentagon Report Reveals that Two DJI Drones Have Been Cleared for Government Use

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A report leaked to The Hill reveals that the Pentagon has found both DJI’s Government Edition Matrice 600 and DJI’s Government Edition Mavic Pro to be free of privacy concerns, and cleared for government use.

According to the report, which was the product of an audit conducted by the Department of Defense, the two drones “show no malicious code or intent and are recommended for use by government entities and forces working with US services.”


The report was written by Adam Prater, the second chief warrant officer with the U.S. Army Special Operations Command, who has declined to comment publicly on its findings.

Only the section of the reporting pertaining to the two DJI drones was made public—the rest of the report remains classified.

Read the post to learn about the report and to get some background on the U.S. government's ongoing privacy concerns about DJI drones.

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