5 year drone pilot Kansas City


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Hi everyone I’m Brooke here in Kansas  City. I have been flying DJI Inspire, DJI Mavic Pro 2, DJI Mavic Air 2, & DJI Mavic Mini for real estate and construction purposes for 5 years now. I’m currently looking to get into branching out into different fields and try out different drones! 

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Hi @Brooke

Welcome to the UAV Coach Community Forum! It sounds like you have already tried out some great drones. Which of your drones is your favorite or go to drone? Feel free to also share any cool stories/experiences from the last 5 years working with real estate and construction clients. 

You can also see different types of drone jobs/applications in out 'Drone Jobs' Guide:




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Hello Brooke, 

Have you considered joining your Community Emergency Management Response Team? This is a volunteer opportunity that your skills and experience could be used and perhaps expand them. The county emergency management manager and their web site would be a good start. Also FEMA has a PPP Public Private Partner program that you could participate in or help start one. The FEMA regional office contact should be the Preparedness Branch Specialist assigned to your state.


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