Professional Photographer looking to add drone images to offerings!

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Hi!!!  My name is Megan and I live in VA about 30 min south of Washington DC.  I'm brand new to drones.  I run a small family photography business and am looking to add drone images to my sessions as something to make me stand out a bit from my competition.  I think taking a few family photos from this unique perspective will be a fun addition.  Anyone else do this?  I also own a travel trailer and do quite a bit of camping with the family so I can't wait to take so amazing vacation photos as well.  I look forward to learning from all of you!

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Welcome to the forum.  I think lots of people do what your suggesting.  The challenge is integrating the use of the drone and the resulting footage into your work.  I like to use the footage in a way that the viewer might not even be aware that it’s aerial footage.  It certainly provides a unique perspective but it makes the audience think how was that shot accomplished?  

Far too many people are more concerned with showing off their flying skills than they are about creating great photography or cinematography.  So when you view a lot of aerial YouTube videos they pretty much all start to look the same. It all becomes pretty mediocre.   So I think aerial works better if the “aerial” aspect of the shot becomes transparent and the perspective speaks for itself. 

There’s more aerial in this video than you might think.  I like revealing points of interest, shoot from the shore of a lake but then reverse the shot and shoot from the lake to the shore.  It just looks like a shot from a tripod on the water, no real hint that its aerial other than it might make the viewer wonder how you got the shot. 

We just purchased a travel trailer that I hope to use as a mobile studio to work from.  Good luck and don’t hesitate to share your work and ask for help.  

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