Leaked DJI Mini SE Will Be the Least Expensive DJI Drone Ever Released

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A recent tweet shows a picture of a DJI drone on the shelves at a Walmart for $299.

The drone is called a DJI Mini SE. The catch? DJI hasn’t released it yet.

We’ve seen shelving blunders like this a few times before, most notably when the Mini 2 was stocked in a Best Buy ahead of its release and bought by a YouTuber who leaked everything about it.

But unlike those instances, where it looked like a single Best Buy had just made a mistake, Walmart currently has the SE for sale on its website. (Granted, you can’t actually buy it yet, but the page is clear evidence that this drone will be hitting shelves soon.)


Read today's post to learn everything we know about the forthcoming Mini SE and how it's (a little) different from the original DJI Mavic Mini.

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I was looking at the cost of drone insurance.  One company shows the minimum monthly cost of insurance at $42/mo.  Who needs insurance.  If/when you crash your drone just buy another one of these if you're not concerned over liability!  Cool!

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