Hiking at Flumserberg in Switzerland

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1 hour ago, Maik Kellerhals said:

Thank you, it is! As always, the landscape is doing most of the work for me

Nope, I disagree.  Its beautiful landscape to be sure, but your reveals, the use of natural sounds, clouds as wipes, timelapse, color balance and even your choice of music is excellent.  You provide much more than an aerial perspective you really capture the essence of what that place is like.

I do have some suggestions, add more ground footage.  You come around the corner of the mountain to reveal a building, it would be great if you had a low angle shot of the building looking back on the building to reveal where the establishing shot was taken.   There's also two smaller lakes off in the distance in several of the shots, it makes me really want to see those two lakes closeup.  Finally you have a bad frame around 2:21 when you cut from the timelapse.    

This is a very nice video.  Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing.

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Thank you, I try to improve all the time.
Thanks for the tips, I was planning on going to the lake for close ups, but after hiking (climbing in parts!) on that ridge for hours i was too tired and my feet hurt so i decided to not do the detour. 
I hope my fitness improves soon so i can do a little more ;)

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