6 TIPS to help you use and prolong the life of your Mavic 2 battery correctly and last

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Common Pin Mavic 2 problems The Mavic 2 flycam battery problems are a worry.

We should properly equip ourselves with knowledge about the use of Mavic 2 batteries. When abnormal signs are noticed, timely measures will be taken. In this article, Flyctech Accessories will refer to abnormal manifestations that occur on flycam batteries.

Mavic battery cell drop 2
Battery cell drop is the phenomenon of the voltage level of in the battery cell decreases hem hem hem hemlessly. You can understand simply that in a Mavic 2 battery consists of many small battery cells. Over time of use, the phenomenon of battery bottles will appear leading to the voltage level in the battery cells is reduced. When the voltage in the battery cells there is a difference. Cells with higher voltages will have to supply more voltages to compensate for voltage reduction cells. This phenomenon is called battery cell drop

Check the battery with DJI GO software

The main causes of battery cell drop can be mentioned as: sudden temperature changes, long-term batteries not in use, improper charging of the battery.To check the condition of the Mavic 2 battery, you access the software. In it will clearly display the information of each Mavic 2 battery cell. Then rely on the disparity to conduct an assessment. In my experience, after checking the difference that the result is 0.03, it can be concluded that the battery cell is lagging. You can proceed with solutions such as replacing a Mavic 2 battery cell or purchasing a new Mavic 2 battery

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Inflatable Lithium

Battery Battery Uses Chemical Reaction to Generate Energy. As the battery ages, this chemical reaction is no longer complete perfectly. Lithium batteries experience overheating, overcharging, or simply damage due to long service life. The cells inside the battery will likely emit an electrolysed gas mixture that can cause explosions. This is also the reason why the battery is designed to inflate: this is essentially a safety mechanism to ensure the air gas escapes causing an explosion.

Mavic Battery Bulge 2

What causes the Mavic 2 battery cell inflatorAvic 2 battery charging product is poor quality: Poor quality charging makes the battery charging process longer than usual because they are designed with circuit boards that prevent the battery from absorbing all the power from charging. Frequently leaving the battery in a state of depletion: frequently leaving the battery in depletion below 10% makes the battery more susceptible to bottles because then chemical reactions can deplete the energy in the battery. Battery out of life: Battery usage is more than 12 months and after 500 charges, battery bulges may occur. Poor quality battery usage: this is also a cause of battery bulge. With a battery when the cell is inflated, it will no longer be safe for flight. If it is mild, you can replace 1.2 cells. However, when the battery has swelled up and affects the plastic shell. Then you should replace yourself with a Mavic 2 battery is the best option.

Die battery circuit, start and charge not to power
Board: is the most important and complex component of flycam battery. It contains information (ROMs) that can accurately identify the right type of battery. The board also includes protective circuits, charging circuits, battery power management chips, relays and jack heads in contact with flycams. Battery cells: each flycam battery has 3-5 cells depending on the type of battery. Each battery cell is essentially a 3.6 – 3.7V electric Li-ion battery with a rectangular, flattened capacity of 1000 mAh. Battery case: fixed function and cell protection, the board into a tightly mounted block, forming a complete flycam battery that we usually see.


Charging circuit of mavic flycam battery 2

Those are the three main parts of a flycam battery. Always located inside and protected by flycam, the battery case is very rarely damaged, distorted ... However, battery cells and boards are difficult to avoid damage during use. Thus, the flycam battery is most often damaged in the battery cell unit, which is the main cause of the battery bottle. Besides, the board of the battery is also likely to break down for some reason. With this error, you just need to replace a new battery charging circuit to continue using the battery.

Battery explosion

Thanks to lithium batteries, we can use smart mobile devices all day as today. If compared to the same unit of volume, lithium batteries can store a much larger amount of energy than many other older batteries but when it is required to completely release energy it will create large explosions. This is also the reason that no matter how explosion-resistant technology develops, explosions caused by Lithium batteries still occur. Charging the battery at high temperatures is also a cause of battery explosion. The temperature not only affects the life of the machine, but it can also cause a start. In case you do not use it, but the machine is still hot, you need to try restarting the machine, if it still does not run out, please stop by the warranty center to check the machine.

Overheating batteries are also a cause of battery explosion

Strong collisions not only affect the outside of the machine such as bumps, ruptures, but sometimes due to too strong force will affect the internal components, leading to unexpected explosions. If you fall, remember to check if the machine has sudden heating or slow operation to determine the condition of the machine. If you have the above condition, you need to take the machine to the nearest warranty center for inspection. When the battery occurs this situation, the best way is to destroy and buy a new Mavic 2 battery.

Possible consequences if using the damaged Mavic 2 Batterry Endanger

The user if the battery has a fire or explosion problem. Many joked with each other, using a damaged battery like a time bomb. We don't know for sure when that battery will explode leading to confusion and anxiety. If unfortunately the battery explodes during the time we are not present to react in a timely manner, it will be very dangerous. In the process of use, the battery explodes, both the device and the user will be in danger

Flycam can fall at any time if trying to use a damaged battery

Causing economic and emotional damage to the user on the damaged battery itself. As mentioned above, the Mavic 2 battery explodes unexpectedly during use. We will not be able to respond in time to the incident that took place. The device that is using that battery will definitely be damaged. Both the operator and the observer are in danger and affect the mentality. You will have to spend a lot of repair costs to restore your flycam. There is a risk of falling off the Mavic 2 flycam during flight and endangering people around. Once taken off, any potential dangers may occur. Fire and explosion of batteries in flight is a serious incident that will affect your flycam a lot. A burning battery can only be removed, but to fix the flycm is a big problem for you. Or you can not even fix the flycam if the battery explodes

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