Recreational UAS Safety Test

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I intended to send this question in an email but there is no contact information (at least that I could find quickly) on the main site (odd and suspicious). 

UAV Coach is one of two companies that is currently allowed to administer the Recreational UAS Safety Test. The claim from the FAA, UAV Coach, and Pilot Institute is that no information about the test taker is kept. This begs the question of how anyone is supposed to verify that a presented certificate is valid. I took the test (which is a joke) and have easily modified the certificate to make it a fillable PDF. With no way to verify the authenticity of the certificate I could post the blank certificate for anyone to download, fill out and print at home without having to pass any information onto a third party.

Anyway, on the certificate there is an "Authentication Token" which looks suspiciously like a unique ID. I haven't looked at it too deeply yet, and though I doubt I'll receive a sufficient answer I'd like to know what the token is for, how  is it generated, what information is used to generate it, is it generated randomly and if so what methods are being used to generate the random data used to create it? 

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Hi @Adam0001, thank you for your post.

We have an email address listed on our primary TRUST page in the FAQ section, and we monitor replies to the automated email we send with your certificate as well. It's not our intention to make it difficult for folks to reach out to us with questions! I apologize that you found that to be the case.

To clarify, we are not one of two companies. There are more FAA-endorsed Test Administrators, all listed here:

Your comment about the authenticity of the certificate is valid. As a Test Administrator, we are required to remove all personal identifiable information. What we send to the FAA is the unique token you see on the certificate. I can't speak for other TAs, but ours is randomly generated by our software when you finish the training and test. We take that code and send it to the FAA and delete everything else.

I hope this helps to address your questions and thank you again for reaching out.

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