UAV for Cadastral Surveys

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Hi, I am currently researching into the use of UAV for performing cadastral surveys in my home country of Ghana where the predominant way is by GNSS or Total Station. I am looking to develop a workflow and guidelines that will meet accuracy standards. The plan is to try out various UAVs and come come up with a list of acceptable UAV's and parameters  (flying height, side lap, time of day etc) so that surveyors using this technique can follow these guidelines. I have so far used a MavicAir flying at 80 and 100 m heights and 70% overlap and Agisoft software to create orthomosaics from which property boundaries were digitized. I have started from a "lower end" UAV as I would like finally to generate get a list of appropriate UAV's. I have read a bit about UAV's equipped with PPK and RTK capabilities and would like get some more ideas/suggestions on how these may be used and with which image processing software to achieve accuracies of +/-3 feet ( between boundary coordinates obtained from orthomosaics and those generated by Static GNSS methods). Any suggestion/idea will be very greatly appreciated.

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