Newbie seeking advice re: NEW UpAir One v1.0 Drone 1.7k


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Hello and thank you for reading this.  Four years ago I received an UpAir One v1.0 drone which has remained in the box since then due to health reasons.  I have two basic questions:

1.  It would seem that there would be a firmware update for this early drone.  Where would I find it???  I see some MODs in videos online but frankly I just want to use this around my home so unless you think something very important is missing I will use it as is for now.

2.  The manual is very sparse to say the least.  I was wondering about the auto return functions and Home function:  I have many trees around me and I live on top of a hill so I will frequently fly at an altitude below my starting point.  I thought I read that there was a way to set the return home altitude so that I could set it to something like home altitude plus 150 ft or something like that.  But I can not figure out how to do that.


Finally, (ok a third question) would I do better to simply sell this to someone for parts and start over; where/How would I do that?

And ... ok another question - is there a UpAir website or some other place for support?

Thanks again for reading this - if there is anything else I should have asked please let me know.



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