Beautiful Teiču Nature Reserve and Observation tower!

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The nature reserve was created in 1982. Its purpose is to protect the eponymous bog, one of the largest in Latvia and the Baltic states. The nature reserve covers an area of 19,779 ha (48,870 acres), of which 13,681 ha (33,810 acres) is composed of Teiči bog. In this wet area, veritable little lakes have formed in places and there are in total 18 such lakes within the area, but in other places raised patches of firmer ground form little islands in the bog. 


The reserve is home to a number of rare or threatened species, including 38 protected species of flowering plants and ferns and 24 protected species of moss. It is an important habitat also for animals, including invertebrates. It is an internationally important locale for both migratory and sedentary birds. Specimen of most of the birds known to inhabit Latvian wetlands can be found here, some in large numbers — for example cranes and geese. 


On one of the islands in the nature reserve, Siksala, a small group of Old Believers live. Ethnic Russians, they arrived on Siksala island in the 17th century, escaping religious persecution, and still maintain their village.


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