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I was recently doing some hi rise building inspections in Downtown LA and lost all GPS signal.  I fly a Phontom 4 Pro V2 and was working on the South Side of DTLA.  I had the drone checked out and no hardware issues.  In other area's the drone usually connects with about 15 satellites.  Has anyone ran into these issues in condensed areas?  If so what is the fix? Or is there another model of Drone that would do better in urban areas? 

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Hi Tim, welcome to the forum.  

This is a GPS issue not a drone issue. GPS is line of sight and DTLA is pretty dense and can cause GPS to be ineffective.  The issue is what does the drone do when that happens?  

If your dumb thumbing it then not having GPS should not effect how the drone flies, you’ll still have alt-hold but it will drift laterally.  If you need to repeat a flight path then you’ll need an Internal Navigation System.  Keep in mind that depending on the quality of the INS it will drift. INS ranges in price from several hundred to $13K for an Applanix —  https://www.applanix.com/products/dg-uavs.htm

Really depends on how not having GPS effects your mission.  We’ve shot DTLA quite a bit.







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